Top 7 Running Accessories for New Runners

Coming in at

1. The Polar H9 Price : $59.00 It's bluetooth, waterproof and syncs with most training apps (Strava, Nike Run Club, Peloton . It also comes with a polar beat account. This enables you to track your heart rate and training data over time.

2. Strava Price: 0.00- $59.00 Strava is a community driven by app that provides running stats, performance data and friendly competition. You can get access to all the basics, tracking your runs , swims and bike rides. Audio announcements for splits, access to run groups like Lululemon, Roka and our new running club WRF for absolutely free. For access to all Strava has to offer including importing your heart rate data you'll need to fork over 60 bucks for the yearly subscription .

Taking it back to the basics with

3. Marathon Wristwatch by Timex Price: $10.99. Want to disconnect on your runs but still track your splits ? Sometimes less is more. With a large display and milliseconds listed. Get accurate split calculations with no outside world distractions.

4. Garmin Forerunner 35 Price: 79.00-99.00 . Great entry level Garmin for those looking for GPS, heart rate and bluetooth compatibility. Great choice if you're not quite ready to splurge on pricer Garmin devices . The Forerunner 35 also offers activity tracking features such as step count, calories and sleep cycles like some of your favorite fitness trackers .

5. Wireless Headphones Price :$29.99- 280.00.

I personally wouldn't spend more than 40 bucks on a single pair of headphones. My strategy is to purchase 2 really GOOD reasonably priced sets of headphones . I keep one charging and I use the other . The one thing that I am a stickler about is that they must hook over the ear for my runs. The most annoying thing is to be gearing up for a really fast sprint only to be distracted by a loose earbud . Here are a couple options that I liked.

  1. YINEME Bluetooth 5.0 Price: 29.99. Had nothing but great reviews on Amazon. The price point is unbeatable. You can literally buy a couple of them and have a set ready to go no matter where you are. Hooks over the ear

  2. PowerPro Sport 5.0 Bluetooth Price: 63.95. Great reviews . Hooks over the ear. Comes with its own charging case. Most importantly 12 hours per charge.

  3. Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones Price: Beats quality sound. Custom colors. Over the ear hook for secure running and 9 hours battery life. Compatible with IOS and Android devices.

6. Nacuwa Running Belt, Adjustable Waist Pack

Price: 13.99 Purchasing a running belt is a no brainer. I keep a spare set of keys, a couple dollars and my phone in my running belt at all times. Way more comfortable than the old school arm bands that felt weird , bulky and restrictive . Also, did I mention that this belt is waterproof !

Closing out the list at number seven . We have a tie . Drumroll please.....

7. The Garmin Vívoactive® 3 Music Price: On Sale $187.49 | The Garmin Forerunner® 245 Music Price: 299.00 on Amazon

In my opinion Garmin is hands down the best training and GPS gear on the market. Oftentimes, they are only out performing themselves. Which made this a very hard choice . The Forerunner® 245 Music and the Vívoactive® 3 Music both store up to 500 songs and are Spotify compatible.

Vívoactive® 3 Music

Pros: Garmin Pay

Lower Price Point

Basic Heart Rate Data

Cons: Low battery life compared to the Forerunner 13hrs w/o Music 5 hours w/ music

Touchscreen ( Not idea for bad weather)

Does't have many of the training features of the Forerunner 245 model

Forerunner® 245 Music

Pros: NOT a touchscreen

24 hr battery life w/o music

6 hours with music

More 8 additional training features and metrics offered compared to the Vívoactive® 3

Cons: No contactless pay feature ( this is a huge drawback in my opinion)

The price point considering how similar it is to the Vívoactive® 3

It's live event sharing feature is only for Android users ( perhaps I'm being a little petty on this one.

These aren't technically accessories but are very helpful in finding accessories so I thought I add them in as "Honorable Mentions " : All things discounts and deals . Also greta youtube gadget reviews : helps you find devices that are compatible with your Polar H10 / H9 before you go out and spend your hard earned bucks

Whoop Price: $30.00 / Month. Is a membership based wearable brand that tracks data around biometrics of your activity , recovery and overall strain to promote adequate recovery. I'm a little on the fence with this one. As it is a massive investment. In addition if you are newer to training too much data can actually have a negative impact on your training. My advice would be get a little more seasoned before making this sort of investment.

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